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About department

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Gynecology department is a part of the multidisciplinary hospital. We are descendants of famous doctors and scientists who founded the national school of obstetrics and gynecology and we proudly continue and multiply the glory of our teachers.

The department’s history

Gynecology department of the Kyiv City Clinical Hospital №18 is located in the picturesque city center near to the Botanical garden named after academician Fomin. The department is situated at the area of clinical obstetric and gynecological medical faculty corps of Kyiv University of St. Volodymyr, which was built in 1888.

Since the clinic was established the Chair №1 of obstetrics and gynecology of Kyiv Medical University existed on basis of gynecological department. At various periods of time, the chair was headed by such prominent founders of Ukrainian school of obstetrics and gynecology as professors Rhine H.E., Bruno H.H., Pysems`ky I.F., Lurye O.U., Baksheyev N.S. and Stepankivs`ka H.K.

At the clinic the museum was organized, it exposed different surgical instruments, collection of macro- and micro-medicine. The museum is still there now.

In 1913, at the clinic, the first Wertheim’s extended hysterectomy was performed by professor Bruno H.H.

Today the members of Gynecology department and the Chair №1 of Obstetrics and Gynecology operate within unitary work group, which equally develops the skills on the professional field of obstetrics and gynecology, as well as treats with responsibility in carrying out of scientific researches and implementing of the new technologies. The clinic sustains and multiplies the glorious traditions of such Ukrainian obstetrics and gynecology coryphaeus as professors Lurye O.U., Baksheyev N.S. and Stepankivs`ka H.K.

Since 1990, the Chair’s head is one of the leading obstetricians and gynecologists scientists, Corresponding Member of Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Honored Scientist, Ukraine State prize-winner, Member of the World and European Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Borys Myhaylovych Ventskivsky.

Director of Clinic’s base – Candidate of Medical Sciences, assistant professor (docent) of chair №1 of obstetrics and gynecology at Bogomolets National Medical University Zhehulovych Volodymyr Henrykhovich, a brilliant surgeon, scientist, educator and manager.

Aid is available to everyone at modern clinical level

  • Highly educated personnel
  • Advices of professors’ and assistant professors’ of chair №1 of obstetrics and gynecology of Bogomolets National Medical University
  • Modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of various gynecological pathologies
  • Friendly personnel’s attitude to patients
  • Engaging of related professionals to women treatment (surgeons, proctologist, gastroenterologists, internists, neurologists)

Professional assessment and treatment - the key to good health!

Treatment of the most common gynecological diseases with the newest methods

  1. All kinds of known for international practice surgical interventions on female genitals
  2. Benignant ovarian tumours
  3. Uterine leiomyoma
  4. Diagnosis and treatment (surgical and conservative) of various endometriosis forms
  5. Diagnosis and treatment of various female infertility forms
  6. Genital prolapse (prolapse and prolapsus of genitals)
  7. Malformation of genitals, including the formation of an prosthetic vagina at congenital malformation (Rokitansky-Kustner syndrome, androgen insensitivity syndrome, Androgen insensitivity (Morris) syndrome)
  8. Inflammatory and degenerative vulva diseases
  9. Inflammatory and benignant tumorous vagina diseases
  10. Background and precancerous cervical diseases (including cervical ectropion)
  11. Hyperplastic processes (including polyp endometria)
  12. Prehravidal preparation of women to planned pregnancy
  13. Diagnosis and treatment of menstrual cycle disorders
  14. Diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory diseases of viscus genitalia
  15. Diagnosis and treatment of pregnancy complications for period up to 22 weeks of pregnancy
  16. Treatment of related pathologies involving surgeon and proctologist

Methods of diagnosis:

  1. Bacteriological
  2. Cytological
  3. Biochemical
  4. X-ray
  5. Endoscopic:
    • vulvoscopy
    • colposcopy
    • hysteroscopy
    • laparoscopy
  6. X-ray
  7. Ultrasound

Treatment methods:

  1. Traditional surgery
  2. Endoscopic:
    • hysteroscopy
    • laparoscopy
  3. Radio wave
  4. Laser
  5. Cryosurgeries
  6. Physical therapy

Examination and treatment:

  1. 24/7
  2. Hospital
  3. Day-time hospital
  4. One day hospital

Treatment options:

  1. Surgery
  2. Conservative:
    • rehabilitation
    • preventive

Admission of patients

Admission to the gynecology department holds 
on weekdays from 12 am to 14 pm.

Admission is held on by the department’s head
Candidate of Medical Sciences Lyanenko Lyubov Olekcandrivna.

Contact tel.: +380 44 2341431